Gateway Standards

Gateways Operators agree in the Memorandum of Understanding with the GNGB to meet a range of requirements to ensure the integrity, stability and efficiency of the Superannuation Transaction Network. This includes agreeing to the Gateway Standards, which establish key standards for Gateway Operators in ensuring these objectives.

The purpose of the Gateway Standards is to:

  1. ensure adherence to certain minimum requirements, encouraging consistent quality of service across the superannuation industry;
  2. promote the efficiency and effectiveness of superannuation processes;
  3. realise lower cost, faster and more secure superannuation processes; and

promote transparency and inclusiveness of all industry participants in effecting superannuation processes.

The Gateway Standards address such requirements as:

  • compliance with Binding Implementation Practice Notes
  • operational availability
  • change windows
  • transport and message security protocols
  • system security requirements
  • business continuity and disaster recovery
  • problem and error management
  • connection integrity
  • testing requirements

The Gateway Standards are available here