Gateway Operators

The role of gateways is to route, switch and package data messages. In the SuperStream environment, gateways facilitate the transfer of electronic data messages between employers, superannuation funds and the Australian Tax Office, compliant with the SuperStream Data and Payment Standard

Gateways have established a gateway network, the Superannuation Transactions Network (STN) to ensure that this data exchange occurs in an efficient, reliable and secure manner.

Entities which operate a gateway to route SuperStream messages within the STN, and have signed an application under a Memorandum of Understanding with the Gateway Network Governance Body Ltd and other gateways, are regarded as Gateway Operators. This includes commercial Gateway Operators or service providers which operate a gateway ebMS end-point to transact within the STN.

Under the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), Gateway Operators agree to

  • Comply with applicable laws, the MoU and the Gateway Standard
  • Pay certain fees and costs as detailed under the MoU
  • Demonstrate that business practices and operations are sound and secure and promote the integrity, security, efficiency, reliability and stability of the STN.

Gateway Operators may also choose to become a Gateway Member of the GNGB, which grants them voting rights at Member Meetings. The Constitution of the GNGB is available on request by contacting us here.

List of Gateway Operators and Contacts

Accredited gateway operators have met the criteria and have completed the entry process to operate in the STN.

Robin Beauchamp
Phone: 1300 834 535

SuperStream Support
Phone: +61 2 9253 6555

Ross Daws
Phone: +61 2 8273 7000

Michael Ross
Phone: +61 3 8622 0200

Brett Christie
Phone: +61 3 9044 1700

David Field
Phone: 1300 737 614

Julia Christiansen
Phone: 0439 608 661

Ian Thomas
Phone: +61 2 8038 6770

1300 557 861