Becoming a Gateway Operator

Expressions of interest in becoming a Gateway Operator under the Memorandum of Understanding can be made to the Gateway Network Governance Body Ltd (GNGB). The steps to becoming a Gateway Operator are:

Review the key documents related to Gateway Operators:

  • Memorandum of Understanding for Participants in the STN
  • Gateway Standards
  • STN Entry Process
  • Binding Implementation Practice Notes

All documents are available here

All organisations wishing to become STN gateway operators are required to to demonstrate they meet the technical capability and other requirements before they are eligible to connect to the STN. As per the STN Entry Process requirements, this is done by completing interoperability testing with the existing gateway operators, which the GNGB will facilitate.

Please note that applicants have 12 months to complete the entry process, and that testing is completed in regular testing availability windows.

Please contact us here with any questions or expressions of interest.