The Superannuation Transaction Network

The Superannuation Transaction Network (STN) is the network that has developed to assist employers and superannuation funds meet their obligations under the mandatory Data and Payments Standards that arose from the implementation of the SuperStream regulatory program.

The STN is made up of gateways that route, switch and package data messages between employers, superannuation funds and the Australian Tax Office. The gateways provide these services to the industry to meet the requirements of the Data and Payments Standards, and with the objective of ensuring that it happens in an efficient, reliable and secure manner.

The Gateway Network Governance Body Ltd (GNGB) has been established as an industry owned, not-for-profit organisation, whose main purpose is to manage the integrity of the STN, by undertaking initiatives or taking steps to promote the efficiency and effectiveness of the STN, monitoring compliance with the Standards, managing new entrants to the network, and engaging with key stakeholders in Government and industry.