Who We Are

The Gateway Network Governance Body Ltd (GNGB) is an industry owned governance body that oversees the Superannuation Transaction Network (STN) – the data infrastructure that transports contributions and rollovers between employers and superannuation funds.

Established by the superannuation industry, gateways and software providers, in conjunction with the ATO, the GNGB plays an important role in making sure the STN is kept secure. The STN underpins the entire superannuation system, ensuring Australian workers’  superannuation data is safe, secure and moving efficiently.

The integrity, security and availability of the STN is managed by the GNGB through a Memorandum of Understanding made with the superannuation industry’s Gateway Operators.

The GNGB facilitates a high level of collaboration between competitors in the gateway space. At its core, the GNGB administers data standards and governance across the data infrastructure ensuring confidentiality, integrity and availability of Superannuation member data.

As a self-regulatory body, the GNGB has many roles, including:

  • Monitoring compliance with the Data and Payments Standards
  • Engaging with key stakeholders in Government and industry
  • Undertaking initiatives and steps to continuously improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the STN
  • Managing new entrants to the network